Popaganda Travel Posters

Popaganda, a brand of frozen confectionery in Singapore, is featured in a series of posters designed for Hermés – The Gift of Time Exhibition. Emulating vintage travel posters, the advertisements represent each flavour with a country associated with the origin of the popsicle’s flavour or the ingredients used: Brazil (pineapple), America (Apple Pie), France (Peach Melba), Greece (Spicy Orange), Turkey (Lemon Olive Oil), Japan (Matcha Mango), China (Lychee Jasmine), and Thailand (Lemon Grass Young Coconut).

Popaganda Brasil

Popaganda America

Popaganda France

Popaganda Greece

Popaganda Turkey

Popaganda Japan

Popaganda China

Popaganda Thailand


The Popaganda travel poster campaign was developed at DoodleRoom by art director Herman Ho.

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