Pools are like Facebook

Facebook follows on from the Chairs metaphor found in its recent Things that connect us television commercial to the metaphor of swimming pool in a post on the social network’s page. “Swimming pools are filled with people. Some you know. Some you don’t. And every once in a while you see something that maybe you shouldn’t. That’s why swimming pools are a little like Facebook.” The online ad has received 470,123 likes, 29,226 shares and 22,633 comments since Thursday. Also launched on the Facebook page are ads relating to Halloween (Pumpkins) and birthday cakes.

Pools are like Facebook

Cakes are like Facebook

Birthday cakes are made for people to be together. They give friends a place to gather and celebrate. But too much cake probably isn’t healthy. So birthday cake is a lot like Facebook.

Halloween is like Facebook

Halloween gives people a chance to be scary or funny or sexy or, sometimes, a little bit of all three. Halloween lets people express themselves. That is why Halloween is like Facebook.


The Things that Connect Us campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy.

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