Play-Doh Imagination Included

Hasbro modelling clay brand Play-Doh was promoted in France this year with a print advertisement championing the imagination. “Inclus un sabre laser, une fusée, un super ninja, des droïdes de combat, un indien, un robot, des voitures transformables…” The English version of the ad, recognised at the One Show with a Bronze Pencil for Newspaper Full Page or Spread, begins “Included a Light Saber, a Robot, a Tyrannosaurus, a Rocket, Transforming Cars, Toy Soldiers, a Space Ship, a Tea Set, a Super Ninja, Battle Droids, a Wizard, a Pirate Ship, a Tractor, a Phantom Army…”

Play-Doh Light Saber

Play-Doh Sabre Laser


The Play-Doh ad was developed at DDB Paris by creative director Alexandre Hervé, art director Barbara Paloc and copywriter Maryam Ghorbanizadeh and photographer Yvan Fabing.

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