Philips Obsessed with Sound

The Philips Obsessed with Sound campaign has won a Yellow Pencil at the 2012 D&AD Awards. The Obsessed with Sound interactive experience, using sound, film and data visualisation, features the Metropole Orchestra playing a music piece entitled “I’m No Prototype”, composed especially for the orchestra. Viewers could experience the piece as a whole, played by the 51 members of the orchestra in a music video directed by Rob Chiu. They could also single out specific musicians to hear their track, and get to know even more details about these ‘unheard heroes’.

Philips Obsessed with Sound site

The Obsessed with Sound site opens revealing an empty orchestra pit. As the site loads the pit fills up with members of the orchestra tuning their instruments, and users are prompted to use headphones and view the site in full screen. As the film starts, we see close-ups of musicians and their instruments. They are immersed in the world of music, and the details create a personal atmosphere where the viewer almost becomes part of the orchestra.

Philips Obsessed with Sound Viola

At the bottom of the screen the music is visualized by 55 dots, each representing an instrument in the orchestra. The dots rise and settle real-time in accordance with the musicians’ performance, showing the pitch of every note being played. As the music video progresses, viewers can interact with the film. While browsing between the dots in the visualiser, the name and position of the player they symbolize appears. When the viewer clicks on one, the picture switches to a total view, showing the entire orchestra, and spotlights that specific musician, with personal details appearing next to him/her. The music changes together with the picture: now only the track of that musician can be heard while the viewer discovers more about these ‘unheard heroes’.

Philips Obsessed with Sound Infograph

There are personal quotes from every musician, but also information about how many hours they have played in their life and how long they’ve been part of the orchestra. Each new click leads to even more details: what kind of music that person listens to, how many notes they play in this piece. Even the personal Twitter or Facebook profiles can be accessed, together with the musicians’ personal playlists. Users can click anywhere on the screen to go back to the entire orchestra. When doing so the camera view changes back to the music video and the full orchestra audio comes up again. From here users can explore and discover the rest of the musicians and what’s behind their music. The result is a non-linear interactive film experience, unique to every viewer.

Obsessed with Sound Credits

The Obsessed with Sound campaign was developed at Tribal DDB Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by designer Robbin Cenijn, creative technologist Ian Bauer, executive creative director Chris Baylis, copywriter Pol Hoenderboom, art director Bart Mol, agency producers Jeroen Jedeloo, Richard Land and Christy Wassenaar, account supervisor Sandra Krstic.

Filming was shot by director Rob Chiu at Stink, London with director of photography Matias Boucard, producer Nicole Saganice, offline editor Louise Callaghan, online editor/colorists John McMullin and Sue Giovanni.

The interactive experience was developed at Stinkdigital by executive producer Mark Pytlik, planners Henk Rijks and Niels Bellaar, integrated producer Nicole Saganice, creative technologist Marcel Kornblum, digital team Phil Bulley, Dan Beattie, Peter Arato, Magnus Dahlstrand, Dave Luff, Neil Nand, interactive producer Tania Zemljak.

Music was supervised by Joep Beving and Cris Kos at Massivemusic. Music was “I’m No Prototype”, performed by Metropole Orkest, led by composer, orchestrator and conductor Jules Buckley, and Bauer (Berend Dubbe/Sonja van Hamel).