P&G Olympic Kids

Procter & Gamble is continuing the Olympics connection with mothers campaign with “Kids”, a television commercial showing Olympic athletes appearing and performing as children. Released globally, the Olympic Kids commercial shows kids at a press conference, in a ticker tape parade, in the locker room, at the starting blocks, in the boxing ring, on the balance beam, lifting weights, on a high diving board. We’re shown a proud mother in the audience and reminded, “To their Moms, they’ll always be kids.” The end tag line reads, “P&G, Proud Sponsor of Moms.” P&G continues the campaign, begun at Vancouver 2010 with “Proud Sponsor of Moms” and continued with Best Job in April 2012, with a call to send mothers a message of thanks at facebook.com/ThankYouMom.

P&G Olympic Kids in Ticker Tape parade

Olympic Kids Credits

The P&G Olympic Kids ad was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, by creative directors Danielle Flagg and Karl Lieberman, copywriter Laddie Peterson, art director James Moslander, producers Shelley Eisner, Matt Hunnicutt and Erika Madison, assistant producer Kirsten Acheson, executive creative directors Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman, business affairs director Cindy Lewellen, and head of broadcast production Ben Grylewicz.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Kleinman via Epoch Films with executive producer Lisa Marguilis, producer Johnnie Frankel and production manager Adriana Cebada Mora.

Editor was Peter Wiedensmith at Joint Editorial with assistant editor Eric Hill, post producer Shelli Jury, executive producer Patty Brebner.

Visual effects and telecine were produced at The Mill, Los Angeles, by colorist Adam Scott, telecine producer LaRue Anderson, executive producer Sue Troyan, producer Enca Kaul, shoot supervisor Chris Knight, 2D lead artist Chris Knight, 2D artists Andy Bate, Sarah Elm, Trent Shumway, Tim Bird, 3D lead artist Nick Lines, 3D artists Adam Carroll, Matt Longwell, Mike Panov, Greg Gangemi and James Brady, matte painting team Gawain Liddiard and Andy Wheater, and production coordinator Kiana Bicoy.

Music was composed by John Connolly at Future Perfect.