Paralympics Words – Own Your Life

The U.S. Paralympics and the US Department of Veteran Affairs have teamed up to encourage people with disabilities to get involved in sport, with Words – Own Your Life, a commercial featuring U.S. Paralympics athlete and U.S. Navy reservist Mike Johnston. Johnston takes a nighttime sprint on an abandoned track, fiercely pushing his own pace, despite the obstacle of his prosthetic leg.

Paralympics Power Words – Own Your Life

“Words – Own Your Life” opens on shots of Mike Johnston stepping out on the track, warming up and preparing for his evening training session. He gathers his focus, takes a breath and adjusts his foot into the starter block. He turns his gaze up in determination and begins his sprint with the utmost focus. We see that Johnston is no ordinary athlete as we cut to a shot of his amputated leg supported by the word “Passion” in place of where his prosthetic leg normally exists. We see him careen forward at full speed, treading evenly on both real and false limb alike as we see his leg morph to read, “Power.” The shot of his moving legs slows along with the super, “Strength,” which suddenly shatters, revealing his real-life prosthetic leg. Johnston moves out of the screen as we see the super, “Own your life, “ along with the voiceover, “You already have everything it takes to own your life.” The spot closes with the USA Paralympics and Department of Veteran Affairs logos followed by the super, “Find your sport.” Click on the image below to play the Words – Own Your Life video.

Words – Own Your Life Credits

The Own Your Life campaign was developed at Ignited by group creative director Tony Scarlott, creative director Karin Djelaj, art director Brian Engleman, copywriter Marcela Angeles-Macedo, executive producer Diego Espana, production coordinator Mike Dobbs and account director John Carlisle.

Filming was shot by director Luc Schurgers via Green Dot Films, Los Angeles, with director of photography Tom Camarda, executive producers Darren Foldes and Rich Pring, producer Joe Mandarino.

Visual effects were produced at MiniVegas by creative director Luc Schurgers, managing director Maarten Boon, 3D artist/animators Roben Schlikker and Klaas-Harm de Boer, compositor/online operator David Zaretti.

Editor was Doobie White at Therapy Studios with executive producers Joe DiSanto and John Ramsay.

Music and sound design were produced at MassiveMusic by composer/sound designer Jon DeStefano, creative director Chris Campanaro and head of production Jessica Entner.