Padre Hurtado – You Are The Key

The Padre Hurtado Foundation (Fundacion Padre Hurtado) is a charity in Chile inspired by thoughts and writings of Father Alberto Hurtado. The organisation recently worked with Prolam Y&R to run a print advertising campaign reminding readers that supporting work with real people addresses issues surrounding alcoholism, domestic violence and prostitution. Children are presented in the locked cages of adult behaviour. “You are the key”.

Padre Hurtado - Drunk

Padre Hurtado - Beaten

Padre Hurtado - Prostitute


The You Are The Key campaign Prolam Y&R, Santiago, by executive creative director Alvaro Becker and Francisco Cavada, art director Sergio Araya, head of art Emerson Navarrete and illustrator Gonzalo Arévalo Condemarin.

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