Organ Donor Foundation Leila and Patients

The Organ Donor Foundation in South Africa is winning awards for “Leila”, an advertising campaign designed to make the public aware of the desperate need for organs. The television commercial illustrates the tragic fact that when one person dies, they potentially take seven lives with them if they are not a donor. Leila Arends, a young woman dressed in a hospital gown, walks through the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident to join the victim (MJ Van Dorssen) lying on the ground. The Leila TV campaign has been followed with print advertisements featuring a surfer and a parachutist, each surrounded by a number of hospital patients in white gowns.

Organ Donor Foundation Leila

Click on the image below to play the Leila video.

Organ Donor Foundation Surfer
Organ Donor Foundation Parachutist

Leila Credits

Leila was developed at Lowe Bull Cape Town by executive creative director Kirk Gainsford, copywriter Natalie Rose, art director Brendan Hoffmann (TV), Lisa Hodgskiss and Dane Alexander (print), agency producer Riska Emeran and account director Arno Du Toit.

Filming was shot by director Tristyn Von Berg via Velocity Films with director of photography Peter Tischhauser, executive producer Nicola Valentine, producer Karen Kloppers and production manager Zayd Halim.

Post production was done at OS Post Production and Searle Street Post by colourist David Grant and Flame artist Udesh Chetty.

Sound was produced by Jam, Cape Town. Music, produced by Gallo Music Publishers, Johannesburg, used music by Kings of Leon (Use Somebody) sung by Scala & Kolacny Brothers, a Belgian women’s choir.

The print ads were produced by photographer Gerard Turnley and retoucher Rob Frew.