Oreo History

Kraft celebrated the Oreo brand’s 100th anniversary in March 2012 with a print advertising campaign using Oreo cookies and a glass to illustrate significant dates from the last century. The History campaign, appearing in print, billboards, Facebook, was centred on a microsite, www.oreo.com/birthday.

Oreo 1953 Color TV

1912 | Modern Cubism
1912 | Snow White and the 7 dwarfs on broadway
1912 | Modern cubism
1920 | Prohibition Act
1928 | Invention of the Yo-Yo
1930 | Soccer takes world stage
1946 | Baby Boom Begins
1952 | First 3D movie
1953 | Color TV
1953 | Mount Everest Conquered
1954 | Birth of Rock n’ Roll
1967 | Summer of Love
1969 | First Step on the Moon
1975 | Jaws attacks on-screen
1980 | Pac-Man is born
1992 | Text Messaging Begins
2000 | Millennium bug
2004 | Saturn Exploration

Oreo 1912 Modern Cubism

Oreo 1912 Snow White

Oreo 1912 Prohibition Act

Oreo 1928 Yo Yo

Oreo 1930 Soccer

Oreo 1946 Baby Boom

Oreo 1952 3D

Oreo 1952 Mount Everest

Oreo 1954 RocknRoll

Oreo 1967 Summer of Love

Oreo 1969 First Steps on the Moon

Oreo 2004 Saturn Exploration


The Oreo History campaign was developed at DraftFCB, New York, by executive creative director Darren Moran, creative director Megan Williams, group creative director/copywriter/art director Jill Applebaum, creative director/art director Megan Sheehan, copywriter/art director Bob Neuman, executive producer Anthony Nelson, concept team Pierre-Marie Faussurier and Sebastien Zanini, photographer Richard Pierce, designers Yego Moravia, Johnny Por Taing, Bangwool Han, art producer James Kozyra.

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