Orange Intel Love Story

Orange has launched its new super-fast smartphone with Intel Inside with an innovative 360 campaign featuring two versions of the same Love Story. The television version presents the build up to a romantic kiss through the eyes of a young man quick to build his new future online. The online version of the Orange Intel Love Story, shown through the perspective of a young woman, presents a rather different take on the same kiss. The tag line for both, “Surfez Aussi Vite Que Vous Pensez” (Surf as quickly as you think). Both ads are online at and are promoted with a banner campaign, print campaign and LCD interactive displays.

Orange Intel Love Story Kiss

Orange Intel Love Story Credits

The Orange Intel Love Story campaign was developed at at Publicis Conseil, Paris, by chief creative officer Olivier Altmann, copywriter Marc Rosier, art directors Jean-Marc Tramoni and Julien Didier, account managers Marie Wallet, Félicie Crosnier, Benjamin Delacroix, Remy Averna, Candice Corre working with marketing teams at Orange France, Odile Roujol, Nicolas Guiramand, Quentin Delobelle, Orange International, Charlottte Bowrey, Jacek Luczak, and Intel Inside International, Kari Lemiere, Elizabeth Broers and Isabelle Ferdane.

Media was handled by Mark Watkins at Digitas UK.

Filming was shot by directing collective Mégaforce via Irène, Paris, with producer Guillaume de Bary, WAM producers Pierre Marcus and Guillaume Delmas, post producers Alain Le Borgne, Quentin Martin and Raimbaut Gaffier, sound producers Laurent Favart and Boris Nicou.