Opel Advent Garage

General Motors is re-introducing the German Opel brand to Australia with the “Opel Advent Garage“, a 30 day online countdown linked with the Opel Australia Facebook page. The Holden Astra was discontinued in 2009 due to exchange rate issues, but is now due to return as the Opel Astra, along with the Corsa and Insignia. The three three new models are being promoted through TV, supersites, outdoor, press and magazines and online promotion. To celebrate Astra’s return, Opel is giving away a brand new Astra and Corsa through a modification of the German Christmas custom, the Advent Calendar. The Facebook Calendar App is releasing 30 daily videos of strange and different content, ranging from Opel history, facts, music, prizes, to the just plain weird. Every garage door opened by users builds their chances in the draw to win a car.

Opel Advent Garage

Click on the image below to play the Opel Australia TV ad in YouTube


The Opel Advent Garage campaign was developed at M&C Saatchi Melbourne by creative director Doogie Chapman, creatives Nick Weller, Phil van Bruchem, producer Zoe Rixon, group account director Kylie Wilkinson, account director Danielle Di Rosario, producer Zabrina Wong. The digital components were produced at Make Sydney by developer Roger Chapman, designers Fuji Staplehurst, Fabio Daguanno, executive producer Jo O’Bryan, producer Ryan Brady.

Films were produced by director/editor Michael Shanks, directors Edward Bell, Nick Colla, Damian Bodie and Kess Broekman-Dattner, producer Paul Walton, editor David Hakkennes, and director of photography Benjamin Hidalgo De La Barrera.

Sound was designed at Front Of House by Phil Kenihan.

  • Leslie-John

    Unfortunately for GM though, if a complaint is made to a government Office of Fair Trading that the claim made in the advert of “no other Opel car other than the Astra has ever been sold before in Australia”, GM, along with the company who made the advert, will find themselves in serious trouble for attempting to mislead consumers. For the facts are, at least 4 other Opel car models have been sold in Australia at various times since the mid 1980s. The fact that these cars were sold with HOLDEN nameplates in place of the OPEL nameplate does not alter the fact that the cars were OPELs, which makes the claim made in the current ad, a deliberate and outright lie!! AND YES, I MOST CERTAINLY WILL BE LODGING A COMPLAINT RE THE MISLEADING CLAIM MADE BY OPEL IN THIS AD WITH MY OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING

    the fact that the cars were Opels