One Million Trees in Belgium

Belgian nonprofit group 1 miljoen bomen (One Million Trees) is running an advertising campaign featuring two short films shot in the forests of Flanders, Brakelbos and Overpelt. A mix of aerial views and shots from the dense forest floors, the spots explore the human relationship with trees. “Trees, Lost without Them” follows a fleet of helicopters in pursuit of one man wandering through the woods. “You Have a Friends in The Trees” features a man and young girl ascending into the soaring branches.

Friend in the Trees

Trees. We’d be Lost Without Them (Bomen. Zonder hen zijn we verloren) Click on the image below to play the video.

You Have a Friend in the Trees (Een boom is een vriend) Click on the image below to play the video.

One Million Trees Credits

Filming was shot by directors Armondo Acosta, Frederik Cassiers and Martijn De Schrijver at The Academy of Film and the Arts, Ghent, with director of photography Eugene Hertoghe, editors Eric Phillips and Emmanuel Dewan, producer Sebastien Brumagne, production manager Helle Jensen.

Color grading was done at Nice Shoes by colorist Rod Sudul, color assistant Mengting Hsiao and senior producer Pat Portela.

Music is “Sálfræðingur” (Trees, Lost Without Them), and “Odi Et Amo” (Friend in the Trees), by composer Johann Johannsson.

Audio post production was done by Filip Haentjens and Eric Phillips.