OndAzul Fish Can Surprises

OndAzul Foundation in Brazil, ran a print advertising campaign for World Environment Day 2012 reminding consumers about the importance of recycling from the perspective of fish in the sea. A sardine tin with a crushed plastic bottle inside, and a tuna tin with a crushed soda can inside, are accompanied with the message in Portuguese: “É isso que você espera encontrar no mar? Os peixes também não.” (Is this what you expect to find in the sea? Fish don’t either).

OndAzul Sardine Can

OndAzul Sardine Can


The Fish Can campaign was developed at Quê, Rio de Janeiro, by creative director Eduardo Almeida, art directors Marcello Cruz and Dennis Sieber, copywriter Milena Zindeluk, illustrators Nutslocomotyva, account team Tatiana Soter, Danielle Portella, Marina Gouvêa, Pedro Bastos, media team Fátima Rendeiro, Vanessa Alves, Luciana Santos, Dayse Pereira, Luma Coutinho, Ronny Alvarado, and producer Álvaro Edir.

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