OFM Change Your Tune

OFM, a commercial radio station in Central South Africa, used a music box to get media companies and advertising agencies to change their minds about their opportunities. “Change Your Tune”, the campaign, was recognised with the Grand Prix for Direct Marketing at the 2012 Loeries. Individual themes were approached through song, using song titles as headlines and indication of theme. Each song was linked with a DJ and programme from OFM, keeping it relevant and highly interactive. A sub-headline was used to support the headline in each case. The copy then tackled each misconception in more detail, giving the media planner all the information they needed to change their minds. Each theme was finished with a call to action that remained within the theme being discussed, whilst also sitting within the overall campaign of ‘Change your tune’.

OFM Change Your Tune

OFM Change Your Tune

OFM Change Your Tune

OFM Change Your Tune

Cyndi Lauper – True Colours

Associated with DJ James Kilbourn, Gold Retold. More than just orange, blue and white. Some people seem to think that we’re ‘the Afrikaans radio station’. That our audience is only white. Well, aside from harbouring a passion for milk tarts and koeksisters that could only be described as religious, we actually cater to a range of music tastes and fancies: be it home grown contemporary rock or international golden oldies. Why? Because our eclectic 529,000* strong listenership is white, black and coloured. So next time you’re looking for a radio station that listens to the kaleidoscope of people that live in this country, maybe you’ll add some colour to your schedule. * (RAMS 2010/06)

Adele – One and Only

Associated with DJ Tim Thabethe, The Breakfast Club. See, we’re a monopoly. We enjoy an unrivalled listenership, each person tuning in (so some clever statistic people tell us) for a total of almost twenty hours every week.* That’s the highest time spent listening to one station in the entire country. To put it into perspective, the second highest is just over thirteen hours a week.* Take that other radio stations. Johannesburg alone has around forty radio stations, all scrabbling over the same airwaves and listeners. With OFM, you eliminate the possibility of your message getting lost. So next time you’re looking for a radio station that doesn’t have to yell to be heard, maybe you’ll call us. * (TSL 25-49, LSM 7-10, RAMS 2010/06)

OFM Change Your Tune

Michael W Smith – Welcome to our World

Associated with DJ Phillip Kotze, Lifestyle. And it’s much bigger than you think. The common misconception is that we only broadcast to the Free State. In reality, we have the second biggest footprint in the country. Fancy that. Our music and chitchat is cleverly bounced off 21 transmitters to reach you in cars, bathtubs, kitchens, taxis and boudoirs all over the Free State, Northern Cape, North West Province and South Gauteng. And our audience’s time spent listening* is the highest in the country. (Ok, now we’re showing off.) So next time you’re looking for a radio station that reaches a multitude of ears, maybe you’ll look a little further. * (TSL 25-49, LSM 7-10, RAMS 2010/06)

OFM Change Your Tune - Welcome to our World

Miles Davis – Miles

Associated with DJ Kenzy Vinco, Sunday Sessions. That’s how much further your money can go with us. We believe routine is boring. Doing the same old same old time after time, day in day out? Snore. We do know and understand that routine is easy, is safe. But how about finding that inner rebel, the one that goes against the grain? Then take the extra 10% you’d use to upweight Jo’burg and try our region instead. Why? Because you’ll fill in the geographical gaps and reach a whole new audience, spreading your message more widely and effectively. So the next time you’re looking for a station that gives you miles more than the rest, how about going the extra one with us.

OFM Change Your Tune - Miles Davis

Kanye West – Power

Associated with DJ Kenzy Vinco, Sound Xpress. And not just any power, economic power. Many tend to think that our listeners have no buying power when in fact Central South Africa is responsible for 14.3% of our country’s GDP.* (That’s more than the Western Cape, by the way.) We speak to 529,000** of the most affluent listeners in South Africa’s breadbasket and mining powerhouse, making us the radio station with the strongest penetration into the higher LSM’s*** in the whole country. Bet you didn’t know that. So next time you’re looking for a radio station that speaks to those who are buying what you’re selling, we suggest you consider our strengths. * (Stats South Africa, Gross Domestic Product, Third Quarter 2010. Figures are a combination of the GDP of Free State, Northern Cape and North West Province.) ** (RAMS 2010/06) *** (Penetration into LSM 7-10, TSL 25-49, RAMS 2010/06)

50 Cent – 21 Questions

Associated with DJ Marian Nyako-Lartey, Beyond Midnight. And we have all the answers. It’s true. Listeners always have plenty to ask us. But did you know that the number one reason people visit radio stations is to ask about local information? Hear that? Local. Not national stuff. As such, we firmly believe that being a regional station makes us relevant. One size fits all? Like socks and sandals, we don’t agree with it. Instead we believe in the importance of speaking with, not to, someone. So if by now you’re convinced that OFM rocks and should be on your schedule, only one question remains: when can we book you?

OFM Change Your Tune


The OFM Change Your Tune campaign was developed at Joe Public by executive creative directors Pepe Marais, executive creative director/designer Maciek Michalski, designers Sophia Strydom and Christo Kruger, and writer Charlotte Marriner

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