NZ Breast Cancer Foundation For Our Women

New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation has launched “Our Women”, a love song by New Zealand artists for all kiwi women to hear. The music video, featuring “Not Taken Lightly” by Chris Knox, is designed to remind New Zealand women that they are precious and irreplaceable, and making sure each one has the information needed to stay healthy. Helena McAlpine was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Her story through treatment and remission was covered in national media. Now in 2012 the cancer has returned and Helena has been told she will not survive this time. To ensure that other kiwi women didn’t suffer the same fate, Helena partnered with the NZBCF to create a special message. The campaign is online at, aiming to reach the 2,098,654 women of New Zealand.

Our Women Site

Click on the image below to play the video.

For Our Women Credits

The For Our Women campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland.

Filming was shot by director Toa Fraser via 8 Commercials with producer Lucy Pilkington, executive producer Katie Millington, director of photography Aaron Morton, production designer Phil Ivey.

Post production was done at Toybox. Editor was Dan Kircher.

Photography was by Derek Henderson.

Music, “Not Given Lightly” was written by Chris Knox, arranged and produced by Sean Donnelly (SJD) at Franklin Rd, and performed by Alisa Xayalith, Brooke Fraser, Tim Finn, Julia Deans, Chris Knox, Martin Phillipps, The Topp Twins, Don McGlashan, Warren Maxwell, Hinewehi Mohi, Princess Chelsea, Jon Toogood, Jackie Clarke, Peter Urlich, Hollie Smith and Boh Runga.

Appearances were made by Sam & Elena Neill, Sir Graham & Raewyn Henry, Dick & Jude Frizzell, Peter, Jean, Lynda & Jules Topp, Judy Bailey, Helena McAlpine, Mary Evans, Bronwen Evans, Shana-May Palmer, Ngaire Evans, Luz Valanzasca, Kate Slavin, Jamie Lee Saji Nair, Alessandra Wilton, Julia Deans, Winston Peters, Steph Lowe, Zawardy Muhamad, Dot Kyle and Sebastien Harens, Toa Fraser, Talanoa Fraser and Millie Arapere-Fraser, Keith Manu Toko and Shane Monschau, Sonia, Natalie, Thandie and Inez Gray, Peter Urlich and wife Danielle Beh, Moot Carter, Hinewehi Mohi, Jay Reeve and Anna Fitzpatrick, Hollie Smith, Lucy Balfour, Boh Runga, Kate Stalker and Hamish Gough with children Tess and Fin, Gareth Fraser, Sera Lilly and Cheryl Lilly, Karl Maughan, Stacey and Scotty Morrison and Natasha and Awen Guttenbeil, Busting With Life Dragon Boat Team, Starship Pediatric Nurses – Sarah Meehan, Kate Comery, Alice Waters, Jess Fieldes, Kaesee Eaglesome, Megan Brooks, Angela Hollis, Melissa Pillay and Beth Nolan, McKenzie Family, Roller Derby Girls: Kali Lawry and Kirsten Ruby Henderson Auckland Girls’ Choir and teacher Leonie Lawson, Royal Guards Marching Team- Maiah Middleton-Ellery, Chloe Machey, Ashleigh McCarthy, Victoria Carter, Tanja, Meg and Ronelle Thompson, Don and Pearl McGlashan, Miriama McDowell & Talanoa Fraser, Lisa Taouma, Kerry Warkia, Sofia Tekela-Smith & Helava Tekela-Pule, Phlossy Roxx, Jenny and Annie Li, Jay and Jan Saussey, Mike Toki, Shavaughn Ruakere and Clarke Gayford.