Nutrilon Royal Life starts here

Nutrilon Royal baby formula by Nutricia is promoted in “Life starts here”, an Indonesian television commercial featuring children acting out life-long aspirations often associated with adults. The “Hope” commercial’s soundtrack, by Song Zu composer Haydn Walker, has been recognised with the APRA Australian Guild of Screen Composer’s award for Best Music for an Advertisement. The “Life starts here” commercial follows on from “Life is an adventure”, another ad featuring children with life-size aspiration.

Nutrilon Royal Life Starts Here commercial

Click on the image below to play the Life starts here video.

Life starts here script

Let’s call on the interested
The wide-eyed, the hopeful
The princesses and the princes
The believer

Let’s summon the generals,
The queens, the kings,
And the knights that ride the adventurous trails

Let’s call on the leaders
The lover, the big ones, the small ones
The been-there’s, the done-that’s
The discoverers, the conductor
The scientist, the CEOs

Let’s call on the skywalkers
The movers, the shakers

Let’s call on the curious
And bring on the hope.

Life starts here.

Click on the image below to play the Life is an adventure video.

Nutrilon Royal Life Credits

The Nutrilon Royal Life campaign was developed at ColmanHandoko by executive creative director Peter Colman, creative director Yerry Indrajaya, copywriter Peter Colman, art director Arsdiona and account supervisor Rutger Van De Pol.

Filming was shot by director Desmond Ng via Lynx Films with director of photography Teoh Gay Hian, producer Rob O’Hare, editor Zaki Marican, colorist Adrian Ooi and editor Ng Chin Kiat at The Posthouse with producer MahaDewi Mimit.

Sound and music were produced at Song Zu by sound designer/arranger Lindsay Jehan and composer Haydn Walker.