NCB Naturalis

In 2010 three institutes combined their collections forming NCB Naturalis, the Dutch centre of excellence for biodiversity studies. NCB Naturalis has one of the largest collections in the world, with over 37 million objects, a fact recognised in film in which the past, present and future of the organisation was visualised.

NCB Naturalis Lab

Naturalis Data Collection

Innumerable varieties of exotic plants, animals, shells and other natural history specimens have been collected throughout the years for scientific research, all with the aim of better understanding life in all its forms. This started a long, long time ago, when our ancestors traveled and explored our planet. Scientific information extracted from this collection is vital in increasing our knowledge of biodiversity. All the data obtained from research is currently being digitised as part of the FES-project. In the future, people all over the world will be able to access information that will help the spread of knowledge about diversity among plants and animals.

NCB Naturalis Brain
NCB Naturalis Globe

NCB Naturalis Credits

The NCB Naturalis film was developed at PlusOne, Amsterdam, by director Martijn Hogenkamp, producer Marcel Vrieswijk, director of photography Ype Poortinga, 3D team Noam Briner and Hans Willem Gijzel, working with NCB Naturalis marketing team Jon Peter van den Oever and May Penders. Sound was designed by KLOAQ. Makeup was by Loulou Zwering.

Music is Bas “Inf” te Braak.

Actors were Geert Jansen, Christian Dol, Noël Olivier, Yan Geng Vermeulen, Charlotte Sophie Boudestein, Ype Poortinga, Klaas Vrieswijk, Marcel Vrieswijk.