Muy History Makes History

Muy Historia, a Spanish magazine, and Grey Madrid have won the Grand Prix for Newspaper and Magazines at El Sol Advertising Festival, for “La Historia Hace La Historia” (History Makes History). Two campaigns used the same tag line to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 Bombings in the USA (September 2011) and the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Guernica, Spain (April 2012). The 9/11 campaign adapted the work of Shepard Fairey to outline the response of the United States to terrorist attacks. The Geurnica campaign adapted Pablo Picasso’s mural to explore the background of the bombing of the Basque city by German and Italian warplanes on 26 April 1937. The Guernica campaign included print, outdoor, a series of five postcards, and a television commercial.

Muy Historia Guernica Close Up History Makes History

Muy Historia 9/11 History Makes History

The Guernica illustration draws a timeline through history, from Hitler MeinKampf writing to Franco and the Legion Condor fused with Picasso’s painting.

Muy Historia Guernica History Makes History

Click on the image below to play the Guernica video.

History Makes History Credits

The History Makes History campaign was developed at Grey Group Spain, Madrid, by creative team Antonio Montero, Fernando Riveros, Matias López, account team Borja Rivero, Mercedes Ruiz, Valerie Bennoun, audiovisual production team Carmen Orbe, Jose Coloma, graphic producer Mayte Carabias, illustrator Fernando Centrangolo, working with G&J España group publishing director Maylis Chevalier, MUY Historia marketing manager Eva Casado, and Muy Historia director José Pardina.

Filming was shot by director Martin Piana via Gazz.TV with producers Lautaro Brunatti and Silvia Romero, post production team Wilfredo Echeverri, Javier Blanchi, Germán Merlo, illustrator Fernando Centrangolo, animator Javier Bianchi, sound designers Andrés Sparti and Sergio Piera.