MTV Green Picks Recycle Machine

MTV Brasil has launched the Green Picks Recycle Machine, a 3D poster that transforms expired credit cards into brand new guitar picks. The Recyle Machine has been installed in bars, night clubs and other places in São Paulo, Brazil.

MTV Guitar Picks

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

MTV Guitar Picks


The MTV Green Picks Recycle Machine was developed at Loducca, Sao Paulo, by creative team Alex Adati, Raphael Franzini, Ricardo Alonso, creative directors André Faria, Cássio Moron, chief creative officer Guga Ketzer, executive producers Sid Fernandes, Ana Luisa André, working with MTV marketing director Wagner Gorab and marketing manager Ana Penteado. The machine poster was produced at Rui Americano Produções.

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