Movi Kanti Revo

Cirque Du Soleil and Google have teamed up to produce “Movi Kanti Revo”, online at, a sensual experience that allows you (and your body) to enter the world of the magical circus. The site, designed in HTML5 for the Google Chrome platform, explores a new way for people to journey in a digital world using tones and gestures. Movi.Kanti.Revo comes from the Esperanto words for Moving, Singing and Dreaming. It is indeed by gesturing and making sounds that users navigate a beautifully surreal world, follow a mysterious character in her adventure, enjoy surprising Cirque du Soleil performances and live an emotional journey made of love, doubts, hope and dreams.

Movi Kanti Revo

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The experiment was created using just HTML5, and the environment is built entirely with markup and CSS. Like set pieces on stage, divs, images and other elements are positioned in a 3D space using CSS. To create movement, CSS animations and 3D transforms were applied making the elements appear closer and further away. Everything is positioned and scaled individually to create a highly realistic interactive environment. In addition, the experiment uses HTML5 to play music and sounds.

Movi Kanti Revo Heart Blooms

Movi Kanti Revo Credits

The Movi Kanti Revo site was developed at Google Creative Lab and Subatomic Systems. See behind the scenes here.