Motel 6 Metamorphosis

North American motel chain Motel 6 is running “Metamorphosis,”, a commercial taking a family on a road trip through 50 years of motoring history. The spot begins with a shot of a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad cruising down a desert highway with suitcases on top and a family of four inside. The well-known Motel 6 music arrives with Tom Bodett’s one-of-a-kind voice: “Over the past 50 years, the way America travels has changed,” he says, as the station wagon transforms into a ‘64 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser. Inside the car, visual changes to costume, hair, makeup and even the warmth of the imaging depict the 1970s, as Bodett speaks. “But through all that time and all those many changes, there’s been the same place to find a comfortable night’s rest. Motel 6. Fifty years, and the light’s still on.” See the Motel 6 Metamorphosis video below.

Motel 6 Metamorphosis

Motel 6 Metamorphosis Credits

The Metamorphosis ad was developed at The Richards Group by creative group head/copywriter Chris Smith, creative director/art director Peter Everitt, agency producer Sheri Cartwright.

Filming was shot by director Rick Gledhill via King and Country with executive producer Jerry Torgerson, line producer Gary Kout, post producer Paul Winze, director of photography Jordan Valenti, editor Andrew Maggio, art director Jon Lorenz, VFX supervisor Bryant Reif, designers Rick Gledhill, Mike Goubeaux, Gabriella Russo, Pietro Desopo, Tom Kenney, Greg Mitchell, Dan Hamilton
Previsualization: Billy Maloney, Hugo Codinach, Jon Lorenz, Mike Johnson, Bryant Reif, 3D artists Kyung Park, Mike Johnson, Andrew Cook, Billy Maloney, Andrew Parris, Chris Kelley, Greg Mitchell, Adam Swaab, Tim Salikov, compositing artists Jon Lorenz, Rick Gledhill, Tom Kenney, Chris Kelley, Adam Swaab.

Colorist was Bob Festa at New Hat.

Sound was produced at Lime Studios by mixer Loren Silber.