Mortierbrigade Hotel

Mortierbrigade, an advertising agency in Brussels, Belgium, has turned a neighbouring house into a hotel for accommodating interns. International trainees working at the agency start out in the Tent For Two on the ground floor. Interns can move up to The Cabin in the Woods on the first floor, or the luxurious The Royal Suite on the second floor, by demonstrating their abilities in the creative field. After that they have a chance of being hired by the agency and earning enough to afford their own place. See more at, including testimonials from David Ogilvy, Erik Vervroegen, Lee Clow, Johan Kramer, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Mortierbrigade Hotel

The Tent For Two has all the latest in outdoor luxury, sleeping bags, bugs and a malfunctioning shower.

Mortierbrigade Tent

The Cabin in the Woods provides all modern comfort, in wood! Relax in your wooden beds after a hard day’s work!

Mortierbrigade Cabin in the Woods

The Royal Suite: the accomodation worthy of a Creative Director from a small start up agency. In here you’ll find cold and hot water, food that actually has taste, and the power to reign over the other floors.

Mortierbrigade Royal Suite

And what can be said about the Cave in the Basement? A great place for demotion in the dungeon.

Mortierbrigade Cave

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