Miracle Whip Keep an Open Mouth

Kraft is running “Keep an Open Mouth”, an advertising campaign set in colonial America. Run on ABC during the Academy Awards, “Witch Hunt” features a posse of witch hunters whose fear and prejudice is challenged by a young girl who knows better. “Village”, another commercial, provides a nod to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlett Letter, with a woman bearing the scarlet markings of Miracle Whip on her clothing. Viewers are encouraged to try the sweet and tangy product, keeping an open mouth, and connecting with the Miracle Whip Facebook page.

Miracle Whip Witch Hunt - Keep an Open Mouth

“Witch Hunt” is set in an 18th century town in which residents seek to burn the “foul un-holy beast—the one with the red markings”. Click on the image below to play the Witch Hunt video.

“Village” features a colonial woman shunned by her village for bearing the red Miracle Whip logo on her dress. A clergyman reveals that he too has kept an open mouth. Click on the image below to play the Village video.

Miracle Whip Facebook page Keep an Open Mouth

Open Mouth Credits

The Open Mouth campaign was developed at mcgarrybown, Chicago, by chief creative officer Ned Crowley, group creative directors Dave Reger and Michael Straznikas, copywriter Tyler Campbell, and art director Brant Herzer.

Filming was shot in Romania by director Joachim Back via Park Pictures with executive producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee, director of production Lisa Burke Snyder, producer Katie Juras.

Editing was done at Whitehouse Post by producer Laurie Adrianopoli, editor Rick Lawley.