Mio Watering Hole

Kraft is promoting MiO Energy Drinks in “Watering Hole”, an advertising campaign featuring animated animals living in a neighbourhood full of crocodiles, giraffes, cheetahs, rhinos, ostriches, and overly amorous lorises who like to shake things up. The water enhancer energy drink is promoted in Mio Watering Hole television commercials featuring bar conversations, beginning with “Cheetah” and “Nose Job”, linked with the MiO Facebook page, Facebook.com/MiO.

MiO Watering Hole

Click on the image below to play the Nose Job video.

Click on the image below to play the Cheetah video.

Mio Watering Hole Credits

The MiO Energy Watering Hole campaign was developed at Taxi, New York, by executive creative director Dave Clemans, creative directors Stephen Leps, Michael Pierantozzi, copywriter Tim Wassler, art director Phillip Cho, producers Joyce Lee and Holly Flaisher.

Animation was produced at Psyop via Smuggler by creative directors Eben Mears and Jon Saunders, executive producer Lydia Holness, producer Michael Neithardt, assistant producer Anu Nagaraj, designers Naomi Chen, Ram Bhat, Annalisa Swank, lead 3D artists Pakorn Bupphavesa and Alvin Bae, lighting lead Jonah Friedman, lead animator Pat Porter, lead Nuke artist Nick Tanner, 3D artists Zed Bennett jr., Bryan Eck, Dave Chen, Joerg Liebold, Shant Ergenian, Andy Hara, Will Robertson, John Payne, Phill Avanzato, Denis Kozyrev, Larry (Ngai Man) Leung, Dan Fine, 3D animators Stephanie Russell, Anthony Travieso, Kevin Scott, Douglas Litos, Danny Speck, William Frazier, Nuke artists Thomas Panayiotou and Jason Conrad, editor Cass Vanini, storyboard artist Robin Nishio.

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