Mimeisthai at TedX

What if you could trend a topic by simply speaking? No smartphone, no laptop, no tablet, but based on what people are saying to each other in real-time? TEDxSydney briefed Clemenger BBDO Sydney to create an experience bringing to life the event’s theme: Real. Live. Now. Mimeisthai, a one-off installation launched at TEDxSydney on Saturday May 26, visualised the flow of ideas around the room in real time, trending topics ‘in real life’. Parabolic microphones were placed around the room so they could capture the hundreds of conversations taking place amongst the audience of 900 thought leaders in the auditorium at TEDxSydney. Mimeisthai’s algorithm isolated and analysed the conversations, bringing them to life. Key phrases then appeared as graphic art on the main screen, visualising the spread of ideas across the room.

Mimesthai at TedX

Click on the image below to play the Mimeisthai at TedX video.

Mimesthai at TedX


The Mimeisthai project was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by executive creative director Paul Nagy, creative directors Rebecca Carrasco, Luke Chess and Michael Dole, director James Théophane, executive producer Denise McKeon, copywriters Rees Steel and Joel Hauer, programmer Justin James Claydon, user experience developer Claire Alexander, web developers John Knutsson and Joshua Brown, capture team Jonathan Gerard and Crystal Rata, programmer Kyle McDonald at Clouds Are Looming, online video editor and animation artist Toby Royce, offline editor Lucas Vazquez and sound engineer Anthony Tiernan. Data visualisation was by Small Multiples. Infrastructure was by Viocorp.

Music is “Fall Moon” by Buildings and Mountains.