Miller64 Living the Dream

MillerCoors has launched Miller64, the company’s 64-calorie beer previously branded as MGD 64, with a new bottle, packaging and branding, promoted with an integrated advertising campaign. The Miller64 Living the Dream campaign aims to demonstrate how Miller64 complements a balanced lifestyle for consumers who want to make good choices with their daily responsibilities and in their social lives. Miller64 will be available in cans and clear bottles featuring the brand’s bold new logo and its smoky silver and red labels. The campaign includes a microsite,, and Facebook page:, and a set of three television commercials.

Miller64 Living the Dream Site

“Living The Dream”, the first in a series of three television commercials, shows a range of men and women working out through the day before relaxing with a Miller64. “We ran a mile before breakfast, sure I had a salad for lunch, but a Miller64 for dinner, oh yes because I have worked off my paunch. ‘Cause we live a life of balance, and no one can say that we’re wrong, so here’s to good Miller who cut out the filler and made a beer worthy of song.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

“Whether it’s the man who gets a little exercise playing recreational softball or the woman who takes the stairs instead of the elevator, we are confident consumers will appreciate that Miller64 won’t undo all their efforts to maintain a balanced lifestyle,” said Rita Patel, Miller64 marketing manager.

Miller64 Living the Dream Credits

The Miller64 Living the Dream rebrand campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New York by chief creative officer Con Williamson, creative director Keith Scott, creative director Paul Johnson, art director Mason Hedgecoth, copywriter Jeff St. Jean and agency producer John Doris.

Filming was shot by director Tim Godsall via Biscuit Filmworks with managing director Shawn Lacy, executive producer Holly Vega, director of photography Hoyte Van Hoytema, art director Clyde Rainsbury.

Editor was Jeff Ferruzzo at Outside Edit. Colorist was Tom Poole at Company 3. Music was composed by Jeff St Jean and Mason Hedecoth and produced at Beacon Street.