Miller Lite Punch Top Can Demos

Miller/Coors is promoting the Miller Lite Punch Top Can design with “A Star is Born”. “A Star is Born” features an overzealous infomercial host aided by an awkward racetrack-suit wearing beer sidekick demonstrating the wide array of unconventional methods possible to utilize Miller Lite’s new punch top can. Eight online videos answer the question, “How do you punch it?” through a series of tongue-in-cheek vignettes featuring low budget sets and over the top acting.

Miller Lite Punch Top Can Demo

Objects in your pockets, article within arms reach — these are the vehicles of greatness! Click on the image below to play the Punch Top Can Intro video in YouTube

The online series will also features Tent Stake, Tongs, House Key, Dollar Bill, Rockstar, Trophy, and Paintbrush, all of which humorously depict unique methods in which to employ the can’s latest feature to allow for a smoother pour and overall more enjoyable beer drinking experience.


The Punch Top Can campaign was developed at Digitas, Chicago, by copywriter Miguel Barron, art director Dan Tica, and agency producer Debbie Heagy.

Filming was shot by director Tim Ketchersid via Gifted Youth with director of photography Ryan McNeely, executive producers Dal Wolf and Josh Martin.

Post production was done at Therapy Studios by editors Kristin McCasey, Doobie White, assistant editors Thomas Tedesco, JC Nunez, executive producer Joe DiSanto, online artists Omar Inguanzo, Karen Heston, colorist Mark Osborne, and mixer Lihi Orbach.

Music was produced at APM.

  • H. R. Puffinstuff

    This is obviously lifted from a press release from Funny or Die, which is fine. However, they had nothing to do with coming up with the ads, so the opening statement is misleading. This campaign and series of commercials was created and written by the Miller/Coors team at Digitas Chicago. Gifted Youth was the production company, and a great one at that. Thank you.

    • The opening paragraph is based on a press release from Therapy Studios.