Metro Dumb Ways to Die

Metro Trains is running “Dumb Ways to Die”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to curb the number of train-related deaths in Victoria. The campaign is centred around a three-minute animated music video, highlighting the many dumb ways there are to die, with being hit by a train – a very preventable death – among them. The video and iTunes single are accessible online at, with animated gifs being released on Tumblr (, on radio, in posters on small and large space outdoor and throughout the Metro Trains network, with the lyrics to the song on the art work, and a TangerineKitty SoundCloud account with the single and ringtone.

Dumb Ways to Die

Click on the image below to play the Dumb Ways to Die video in YouTube

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die site

Dumb Ways to Die - Toaster print ad

Dumb Ways to Die - Rattlesnake print ad

Dumb Ways to Die - Grizzly Bear print ad

Dumb Ways to Die - Piranha print ad

Dumb Ways to Die Helmet Off in Outer Space print ad

Dumb Ways to Die Antlers print ad


The Dumb Ways to Die campaign was developed at McCann Melbourne by executive director John Mescall, creative Pat Baron, animator Julian Frost, digital team Huey Groves, Christian Stocker, group account director Alec Hussain, senior account manager Tamara Broman, senior producer Mark Bradley, producer Cinnamon Darvall, composer/producer Oliver McGill, working with Metro Corporate Relations Leah Waymark and marketing manager Chloe Alsop.

  • Marc David Biffi

    Copied and pasted from Happy Tree Friends

  • Jamie style

    Love this song who going to download it yhhhh

  • tegan

    the song is sooo catchy

  • mike reger

    It doesnt look anything like Happy Tree Friends. What are you trying to say is “Copied and pasted”? HTF seem to be somewhat derivative of lots of animal based cartoon characters (Lumpy looks a lot like Bullwinkle for instance). The Dumb Ways… characters are way more abstracted, minimalized bean shapes. They dont have any outlines like HTF characters. I could go on but I really was just reacting to a baseless claim. Please elaborated.

    • Marc David Biffi

      I was talking about the idea, not the execution.
      Mixing cute characters with splatter is a concept that comes straight from Happy Tree Friends. If the characters look like beans, bunnies or a new take on “My Little Pony”, this doesn’t make any difference.
      The “green bean” pictured above wearing a pair of horns could even be a reference to HTF’s Lumpy, the low IQ blue moose.
      This campaign is definitely inspired by Happy Tree Friends. It was a huge hit 6 years ago, even in Melbourne, where I was living at that time and where this campaign comes from.