Mercedes 3D Dark Horse

Mercedes Benz Night View Assist was put to the test in a 3D experience run in South African cinemas recently. 3D cinema viewers watching the 3D Dark Horse commercial travel down a pitch black road obscured by light fog, with vision provided by conventional headlights. A runaway horse appears and leaps through the screen. Viewers hear the horse land behind them and double round to the right. The road is then illuminated by Night View Assist. The horse appears again, beyond the headlights.

Mercedes 3D Dark Horse

This is an awards version that shows a 2D playout of the 3D advert as well as the actual cinema experience. Click on the image below to play the Dark Horse video.

3D Dark Horse Credits

The Dark Horse ad was developed at Net#work BBDO, Johannesburg, by creative director Rob McLennan, art director Bruce Anderson, copywriter Rob Rutherford.

Filming was shot by director/cinematographer Rob Malpage via Frieze Films, Johannesburg, with producer Cat Lindsay.

Editing was done at Left Post Production, Johannesburg. Post production was done at Ministry of Illusion, Johannesburg.