McDonalds Real Milkshake Cows

McDonald’s Finland promoted their original milkshakes with two print advertisements featuring Alli and Venla, cows from Myrskyla village near Helsinki. Alli and Venla are shown considering the possibilities of a skipping rope and hop scotch. The campaign follows on from the success of the award winning Trampoline point of sale poster from 2009, and the Double Milkshake udder ad.

McDonalds Real Milkshake Skipping Rope Cow

McDonalds Real Milkshake Hopscotch Cow

McDonalds Real Milkshake Cow on Trampoline

McDonalds Double Milkshake Cow


The Real Milkshake campaign was developed at DDB Helsinki by creative director Vesa Tujunen, art director Jukka Mannio, copywriter Jani Tynnilä, producer Kirsi Pärni, graphic designer Antti Salminen, account director Jarno Lindblom, account manager Inka Karvonen, photographer Perttu Saksa and retoucher Saddington Baynes.

The trampoline ad from 2009 was developed by creative director/art director Jukka Mannio, copywriter Vesa Tujunen, illustrators Janne Itäpiiri and Antti Salminen, account supervisor Miika Helenius, account director Jarno Lindblom, account manager Pia Eiro.

  • andreibuspro

    This is very creative and real. Imagine how fresh the milkshakes are. McDonald surely captures the idea in this ad. Nice one!

  • Lacey Vanderford

    This ad is hideous. It completely downplays the harsh reality of how milk comes from cows. Not only are the cows in a constant state of pain, but the milk is filled with puss from the pathetic cheap harmful machines hooked up to the cow’s utters. How dare people like Vesa Tujunen, Jukka Mannio create such a hideous display of lies.

    And I’m sure that andrebuspro either works for this company or was paid to make this comment above. What person in their right mind would agree that ad is creative and REAL. It is not real. Cows suffer everyday so that you people out their in society buying this crap can spend lots of money and get fact.

    You all disgust me.