McDonalds Banana Bread

McDonalds promoted the arrival of Banana Bread on the menu in Somerville, MA, with a billboard showing a slice of banana bread being cut from the loaf, and from the billboard. The billboard went up on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. Some passersby have phoned 911 out of concern the billboard’s impending collapse will hurt somebody.

McDonalds Banana Bread

McDonalds Banana Bread


The Banana Bread campaign was developed at Arnold Worldwide, Boston, by chief creative officer Pete Favat, group creative director Chris Edwards, creative directors Pete Shamon and Mary Rich, art director Anna Echiverri, creative director Evan Dunn, producer Wendy Donnelly and account manager Dan Gross.

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  • Love this billboard….although the techniques are not new……have been also applied by some other brands.

    Another creative trick to get the attention of consumers.