Martin Luther King Highlighter

Stabilo Boss highlighter pens connected with the cause of equality in this print advertisement from 2007, drawing on the inspiration of Martin Luther King. Boss Original Highlighter, produced by Stabilo International, is used to highlight the equal signs in what appears to be a complex mathematical equation. The campaign also included ads featuring Douglas Adams (42) and Batman (Robin).

Stabilo Boss Martin Luther King highlighter

Stabilo Boss Douglas Adams highlighter
Stabilo Boss Batman highlighter


The Highlight campaign was developed at Serviceplan, Munich, by creative directors Alexander Schill, Axel Thomsen, Maik Kaehler, Christoph Nann, copywriter Rudy Novotny, art director/typographer and photographer Till Diestel, account supervisors Laura Doetz and Julia Thoemen.

  • Can’t decide if this is clever marketing – or (in the Martin Luther King one) really in bad taste!

  • ken

    These are just terrible!!

  • I think it is pretty clever marketing. You have to find new ways to reach people.

    Obviously the same old thing doesn’t work or we wouldn’t be reading this blog, or posting on it or even have the internet. We would still be drawing stick figures on a cave somewhere.