Make The Call Stop The Wall

Engine Advocacy, a company focused on supporting online start up companies, has produced a video explaining the potential the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation could have on the internet. Using insights from key leaders at Tutor Spree, Foursquare, Behance, Wicked Start, ifwerantheworld, the film presents the internet as an ecosystem that supports both large powerful corporations and new online start up companies. The video finishes with a challenge to make the call (to a US senator) and stop the wall (the Great Firewall) via

Make The call Stop the Wall

Click on the image below to play the Our Internet video in YouTube


The Our Internet video was developed at m ss ng p eces, New York.

Online entrepeneurs featured in the video are Aaron Harris, co-founder of Tutor Spree, Harry Heyman, head of server engineer at Foursquare, Scott Belsky, founder of Behance, Bryan Janeczko, founder of Wicked Start, Chris Henry, CTO of Behance, Cindy Gallop, founder of ifwerantheworld, and Michael McGeary, director of Engine Advocacy.

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