Majestic Wear Your Hero

Majestic Athletic’s, the official on-field uniform of Major League Baseball, is promoting baseball players jerseys in Wear Your Hero, a television advertising campaign featuring Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz and Toronto Blue Jays player Jose Bautista. The baseball players appear riding piggyback on the backs of their fans, worn like jerseys. “Wear your hero. Anytime. Any place with Majestic jerseys.”

Majestic Baseball Players Piggyback Wear Your Hero

Wear Your Hero Credits

The Wear Your Hero campaign was developed at Periscope, Minneapolis, by executive creative director Charlie Callahan, copywriter Tom Witkowski, art director Brian Boord, senior producer Erik Ramstad.
Filming was shot by director Randy Hackett via No Smoke Films with executive producer Andrew Swee, producer Joanne Duray, director of photography Terry Stacey.

Post production was done at Channel Z by editor Mike Weldon. Telecine was produced at Pixel Farm by colorist Oscar Oboza.

Sound was produced at Babble-On Studios by audio engineer Andrew Bergeron. Music was produced at Singing Serpent.