Mad Men Fifth Season Poster

American advertising drama series Mad Men is returning to television screens with the launch of Season 5 on AMC in the USA on March 25 and Sky Atlantic in the UK on March 27. The 5th season is being promoted with a range of posters, outdoor advertising and television trailers. The campaign began with pictures of Don Draper’s falling silhouette on the side of buildings and billboards. Billboards with the message, Adultery is Back and Secrets are Back strengthen the message. More recently Don Draper appears in a poster staring at his reflection in a shop window featuring a nude mannequin.

Mad Men Season 5 Poster

Mad Men Season 5 Billboard

Mad Men Season 5 Falling Don Draper

Mad Men Season 5 Adultery is Back

Mad Men Season 5 Secrets Are Back

Click on the image below to play the Sky Atlantic trailer in YouTube


The Mad Men campaign was developed at The Richards Group by creative director/copywriter Lennon Courtney, creative director/art director Craig Anderson, copywriter Gina Roberts, art director Kyle Kelly.

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