Luvs Second Time Moms

Procter & Gamble is reaching out to new mothers with “Second Time Moms”, an advertising campaign prooting Luvs Diapers. Highlighting some of the basic truths of parenting, the campaign features the painfully relatable initial missteps of a first-child mom. “Breastfeeding”, “Temperature”, “Changing Table” and “Park” each show the growing confidence associated with a second child. “By their second kid, every mom is an expert and more likely to choose Luvs. After thousands of diaper changes, they know what works. Luvs lock away wetness better than Huggies at a fraction of the cost.”

Luvs Second Time Moms Breast Feeding commercial

“Breast Feeding” opens on a woman covering herself in embarrassment as she breast feeds in a busy restaurant. A super and accompanying voiceover appear: “First Kid.” Next, we see a young male waiter approach the woman’s table, years later, with surprise: the once embarrassed mom is now openly—if not proudly—breast feeding her second baby. He can’t help but stare. The mom, now a pro, stops him, “Up here,” pointing away from her feeding baby up to her eyes. Her older toddler scowls at the waiter. “Second Kid”. Click on the image below to play the Breastfeeding video.

A young mother delegates the thermometer duty to her husband with her first child. With the second child a less probing approach is fine. Click on the image below to play the Temperature video.

With her first child a trip to the park is overpacked. With the second child this mother has learned to take only what she can carry. Click on the image below to play the Park video.

A first time mom struggles to keep her child calm on the public changing table. With the second child she’s discovered there’s an app for that. Click on the image below to play the Changing Station video.

Second Time Moms Credits

The Second Time Moms campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New York by senior creatives Mason Hedgecoth, Jeff St. Jean, agency producer Ian Kelly, director of business affairs Linda Bennett, brand agency leader Mark Rolland, management supervisor Matt Garcia, account executive Jamie Daigle working with Procter & Gamble marketing director John Brase, brand manager Laina Majnovic, assistant brand manager Chad Summe and advertising production manager MaryAnne Schmidt.

Filming was shot by director Dave Merhar via Bodega with executive producer Clint Goldman, producer Grayson Bithell.

Editor was Jeff Feruzzo at Outside Edit + Design with executive producer Sila Soyer and producer Fanny Cruz.