Löfbergs A Good Reason to Meet

Swedish coffee Brand Löfbergs is running an advertising campaign addressing the chronic isolation experienced in Sweden, considered the loneliest country in the world. Löfbergs have chosen to bring out five associations to star in their campaign: The Association for Transsexuals (Free Personality Expression) in Malmoe, The Great Lake Monster Association in Östersund, The Gothenburg Tropical Bird Association, The Swedish Railways Band Association and the Historical Society of King Gustaf’s Toast. A survey from Statistics Sweden show that many associations are risking extinction due to decreasing membership numbers. The campaign will be seen online, on national television, in cinemas, print and outdoor. Löfbergs sponsored the creation of an online National Register of Associations, containing more than 1,000 associations from the get-go, making it easier to register or find an association, regardless of one’s field of interest.

Lofgbergs Transexuals of Malmoe Association

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Lofgbergs Historical Society of King Gustaf’s Toast Association

Lofgbergs Great Lakes Monster Association

Lofgbergs Gothenburg Bird Association


The campaign was developed at Volontaire, Stockholm, working with Löfbergs marketing director Leif Sjöblom.

Filming was produced at Folke Film.

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