Little Baby’s Ice Cream Films

Little Baby’s Ice Cream, an ice cream company based in Philadelphia, has launched an advertising campaign guaranteed to puzzle viewers. Two short films, “Love Lickers” and “This is a Special Time”, feature an actor, covered in marshmallow creme, contemplating the possibility of eating oneself.

Little Baby's Ice Cream Spoon

An apparently endless loop of those sentient ice cream beings is locked in an infinite cycle of titillated cannibalism – consuming and being consumed. Click on the image below to play the Love Lickers video.

A wide-eyed androgynous anthropomorphic ice cream creature is confronted with an existential dilemma. The creature has all of the normal instincts for self-preservation, but at the same time is made of unimaginably delicious and completely addictive ice cream. Click on the image below to play the This is a Special Time video.


Filming was shot by director Doug Garth Williams, with copy and voice over by Matthias Bossi, and music by Jon Guez.