LG Smart Thief Caught on Camera

LG is promoting the new OLED Ultra Slim LED television, claimed to be the world’s slimmest TV screen, in “Smart Thief Caught on Camera”, an online video showing a man walking out of an electronic goods store evading security cameras. Launched on Youtube on December 28, the Smart Thief video has now had over 1.4 million views. The screen is so slim, that when it’s held on its side, you can barely see it. Slim enough to walk out of the shop unnoticed.

LG Smart Thief

Click on the image below to play the Smart Thief video.

Click on the image below to play the Smart Thief Brings Back TV video.

Smart Thief Credits

The Smart Thief campaign was developed at Y&R Not Just Film, Amsterdam, by creative directors Lionell Schuring, Sheldon Bont, copywriter Andrew Maaldrink, art directors Theo Korf and Nick Plomp.

Filming was shot by director Hans Knaapen via Electric Zoo.

Post production was done at Postoffice Amsterdam.