Lenovo Yoga Pursuit

Lenovo is promoting the Yoga laptop, known for its four modes, in “The Pursuit”, a commercial in which a woman must find the the Yoga, uncover the code, make the switch. But with the opposition in hot pursuit her skills and the dynamic moves of the Yoga will be put to the test.

Lenovo The Pursuit

Click on the image below to play the Director’s Cut extended version video (3:38) in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the 45 second commercial in YouTube

Lenovo Yoga Pursuit Credits

The Lenovo Yoga Pursuit campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New York by chief creative officer Con Williamson, executive creative director Brian Carley, executive producer John Doris, art director Billy Veasey and copywriter Bill Carlson, music producer Ryan Fitch.

Filming was shot by Casino Royale director Martin Campbell via Saville Productions with director of photography John Christian Rosenlund, executive producer Rupert Maconick and line producer Diane Leuci.

Editor was Biff Butler at Rock Paper Scissors, New York, with assistant editors Parker Whipple and Dan deWinter, producer Melanie Gagliano and executive producer Eve Kornblum.

Visual Effects were produced at Moving Picture Company, New York, by VFX supervisor/Flame artist Gigi Ng, Nuke team Carl Font and Michael Pettersson, CG artist Dean Robinson, producer Derek-Macleod-Veilleux.

Original score was by Aeph, supervised by Mad Planet. Sound was designed at 740 Sound Design and mixed at Heard City by Philip Loeb.