Las Vegas Backs Prince Harry

Las Vegas Convention and Vistors Authority has responded to the leaking of nude photographs of Prince Harry with “Know The Code”, an integrated advertising campaign urging visitors to honour the code, “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”. A microsite,, provides a range of branded messages relating to the commitment made by visitors to the city. The campaign is continued on the Las Vegas Facebook page, @Vegas Twitter page and #KnowTheCode Twitter hashtag.

Las Vegas Protect the Moment

“I promise to follow the code of Las Vegas by not tweeting, tagging, posting, telling, whispering, emoting, defining, drawing up, writing about or in any way revealing the all-powerful What Happens Here, Stays Here® moment of me or anyone else in my party to others not on said trip during or at any time after said trip’s duration – i.e.: The moment being the part or parts of the trip that should stay in Las Vegas. The other parts are fine … So sayeth this person.”

Click on the image below to play the Know The Code, Protect The Moment video.

Las Vegas For Shame