Landsbanki Images for Business Service

Landsbanki Images for Business Service have won a Gold award for design (illustration and photography) at the 2012 European Art Directors Club awards. The Iceland bank commissioned twelve illustrations that portray the connection between Icelandic landscape and Icelandic business, with images ranging from the countryside to the capital, from fisheries to geothermal energy industry.

Landsbanki East Street

Landsbanki Thor Data
Landsbanki Akureyri
Landsbanki Fish
Landsbanki Hydroponic
Landsbanki Laugavatn
Landsbanki East Street
Landsbanki Myragata
Landsbanki Lake
Landsbanki Image for Business Service


The Images for Business Service campaign was developed at Jónsson & Le´Macks by illustrator Sigurður (Siggi) Eggertsson.

“The idea is to present a uniform, optimistic, powerful and uniquely visual translation of Icelandic business, echoing the bank’s long relationship with Icelandic art”, says Viggó Jónsson, creative director at Jónsson & Le´Macks.

The campaign was recognised with an honorary prize by the FÍT Association of Icelandic Graphic Design.