Land Rover Pulse of the City Art

Sarah Britten, Land Rover ambassador, has launched “Pulse of the City”, an art exhibition in Johannesburg designed to drive conversation about the new Range Rover Evoque and the city of Johannesburg on various social media platforms including blogs, Twitter and Facebook. In 2010 Britten began to paint cityscapes with lipstick, as part of a campaign using social objects to drive conversation. The Pulse of the City art exhibition, with 32 works on display, is the culmination of that initial catalytic moment. The Pulse of the City is on exhibition at Velo CafĂ©, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. Using the hashtag #JoziTweetArt, Britten will donate R1 for each tweet about Johannesburg including the hashtag to Home of Hope, an NGO that rescues girls in Hillbrow.

Joburg Storm by Sarah Britten

Panic White by Sarah Britten

Purple Cow II by Sarah Britten

The Red Bull II by Sarah Britten

Tower of Babel White by Sarah Britten


Strategy, creative concept and execution were by Sarah Britten working with Land Rover South Africa brand manager Lesego Phiri and marketing director Roland Reid.

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