Land Rover Monologues

Land Rover‘s Monologue campaign, developed by Y&R Dubai, was recognised with Silver for Print (art direction) at the London International Awards recently. Three magazine advertisements each address the drivers of Land Rovers who dare to “meet interesting places”. The minimalist postcard approach, combined with graphic geometric devices, are designed to pull the reader into the perspective of the mountain, the orangutan and the river.

Land Rover Mountain

Child, I’ve been watching with curiosity for hours as you slowly crept towards me. I now see that which you plan. Let me dissuade you from this foolhardiness. I’m not some dirt mound that you may trifle with. I was born when the mighty lips of continents sighed and slobbered over each other. I have seen stars being rubbed out of existence. You and your contraption shall go no further. Damn your insolence, child. That tickles.

Land Rover Orangutan

Brother, I am the keeper of a thousand trees in every direction. Pray do not try to pass through here. Because if you do, I shall ply this stick to your skull with such flair that your head will sing for a week with the clamor of consonants. Do not start the car, brother. Okay, fine. You may pass but do not dare presume to peek at my ladyfolk.

Land Rover River

Sir, you are most sincerely mistaken. There will be no crossing here. My bank will offer no path and my bed no purchase. I plan to sweep you away and drown you, sir. Your flimsy hopes will be dashed against the jagged teeth of my rocks. You shall ooze, sir. Small fish will feed off your body’s secrets. Turn back in that vehicle of yours and go around me. How preposterous! Sir, I can feel you dancing on my spine!


The Monlogues campaign was developed at Y&R Dubai by chief creative officer/creative director/copywriter Shahir Zag, creative director/art director Kalpesh Patankar, art buyer Amin Soltani, illustrator Gitten Tom, account directors Sarah Locker and Pierre Farra working with Land Rover MENAP Marketing Manager Jean Atik at Jaguar Land Rover MENA.