Land Rover Glare

“Glare”, a print advertising campaign designed by Y&R Dubai, presents the Land Rover LR4 as the ultimate outdoor vehicle, with all the added extras a driver needs to venture into the Middle East’s most rugged landscapes. The LR4 is represented as a glare of reflected sunlight in the distance where no other vehicle can go, in Wadi Nakhr, Hajar Mountains and Rub Al Khali, hopefully piquing the curiosity and interest of any adventurous driver.

Land Rover Wadi Nakhr print advertisement

Land Rover Hajar Mountains print advertisement

Land Rover Rub Al Khali print advertisement


The Glare campaign was developed at Y&R Dubai by chief creative officer Shahir Zag, creative director/art director Ryan Reed, copywriter Dario Albuquerque, using photography from Corbis retouched by Gitten Tom.