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Did you know that Grover Cleveland was a professional killer before he became the 24th President of the United States? That’s just one of the presidential factoids revealed in Know Your POTUS, an animated series online at challenging viewers to understand the issues and get the facts about past Presidents of the United States before voting on November 6th. Inspired by the 1970s British kids TV program “The Magic Roundabout,” the stop motion films will be released one at a time, starting Tuesday this week, for a total of six episodes plus a finale that will play out on the day before the big vote. Although some of the facts revealed are over two hundred years old, there is a direct correlation to many of today’s hot political issues. Each installment features a different president and ends with a call to action: “Get out and vote! Only you can make Presidential history.”

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Grant the Smoker

Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the USA, loved cigars so much he was known to smoke as many as twenty a day.

Buchanan the Bachelor

James Buchanan, the 15th President of the USA, was the first and only bachelor to serve in office, but was virtually inseparable from Alabama senator William King.

Cleveland the Hangman

Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the USA, while Sheriff of Erie County, New York, served as hangman on two occasions.

Jackson the Duelist

Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the USA, is said to have been involved as many as 100 duels.

Know Your POTUS Credits

The Know Your POTUS project was developed at Superfad by director Richard Hickey, director of photography, animator, set builder, VFX supervisor and previz Bryan Cox, director of photography/VFX supervisor and Flame artist John Shirley, director of photography/animator and character developer Andrew Soria, managing director Kevin Batten, executive producer Darren Jaffe, producer Nate Occhipinti, copywriter Niko Courtelis, storyboard artist Jackie Harper, character wardrobe artist Lisa Occhipinti, character hair/makeup artist Samantha Seora, stage designers/2D animators Yuki Yamada and Grant Hoki, stage designer/3D previz Greg Oppman, stage designer Sarah Casillas, development team Andrew Stubs, Pierce Gibson, Angela Ko and Rick Kuan, Flame artist Miles Kinghorn, compositors David Do and Brian Abero, editors Talia Mazzarella, Chris Hall and Eric Barnes, and assistant editor Tim Hall.

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