Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge

Kmart in the USA recently promoted its expansive Halloween collection by setting up shop in the parking lot of Kmart’s Addison and Kimball location in Chicago and inviting the neighborhood to watch dancer Monternez “Monty” Rezell, from the Chicago Hip Hop dance crew Stick and Move, dance his way through eight hours of costume changes. Why eight hours? Because that’s what it would take to set the Guinness World Record for most costume changes. Each costume consisted of at least three pieces, and Monty needed to change into each costume unassisted and remain in it for at least 5 seconds. See the Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge film below.

Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge

Monternez Rezell (Monty), a contestant for America’s Got Talent, danced, posed and dressed his way into the record book. The Big Freeze Camera system captured his every step with 48 DSLR’s, the same system used for the Grammy’s Glam Cam, as Monty succeeded in breaking the Guinness World Record for most costume changes in an 8 hour period. Kmart’s large selection of 3,000 Halloween costumes and accessories supported this world record effort. And for those wanting even more engagement, there was a live stream video available via UStream the night of the event. Click on the image below to play the KMart Costume Challenge video.

Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge Credits

The Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge was developed at DraftFCB Chicago by chief creative officer Todd Tilford, creative directors Elke Dobrowolski, Howie Ronay and Sean Burns, director of content Brian Cooper, group executive producer Chris Bing, producer Jeffrey Piper, group management director Kelly Graves, account director Kiska Howell, account executive Alexandra Haake, assistant account executive Mallory Beausir, social platforms community manager Vanessa Torres, associate director of customer intelligence Janneke Van Geuns.

Filming was shot on Big Freeze camera by director Tony Gaddis via Fountain-Studio with director of photography Andrew Cutraro, producer Tina Moy, editors Casey Stockdon and Bryan Arnold.
Post production was done at DraftFCB by senior producer Celena Mossell, editor Ben Flaherty, motion design director Jon Gallo, assistant editors Dave Cullen and Justin Tvedt, and executive producer Rene Steinkellner.

Music is “Like Wolves” by David Condos, produced at Big Foote. Dancer was Monternez “Monty” Rezell.