Kit Kat Break from Work

Nestle ran an outdoor advertising campaign using a broken smartphone and boardroom table to provide visual representation of what we might need a break from. The campaign won two Gold Outdoor Lions at 2012 Cannes International Festival of Creativity, for Posters and Billboards.

Kit Kat Smartphone

Kit Kat Meeting


The Kit Kat Break campaign was developed at JWT Mexico, Mexico City, by chief creative officer Manuel Techera, executive creative directors Enrique Codesido and Daniel Granatta, copywriter Kevin Valladolid, art director Ricardo Carrera, art buyer Silvia Gomez, producer Mariana GarcĂ­a and Silvia Gomez, account supervisor Anna Joseline Sanchez, and account manager Nieves Garcia.

Photography at Estilo 3D, Buenos Aires, was retouched by Abraham Navarrete.

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  • This ad for Kit Kat is ace. It’s succinct while sending a powerful visual message that we can easily associate with Kit Kat. I have always been fond of Kit Kat ads and I can still remember the Kit Kat panda ad on the telly from my youth. Brings back good childhood memories too.

  • Robert

    I’m guessing the ad wasn’t run in Mexico as it makes no sense in Spanish as break in reference to work, etc is “pausa or descanso” and to break something is “romper”.