Kinect Star Wars Duel

Microsoft is promoting the launch of Kinect Star Wars with “Duel”, a commercial recreating the classic duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Chris Pratt, known for his roles in the Parks and Recreation TV series and the movie Moneybag, takes the place of Obi Wan, teasing Darth (Thomas Morley) with his moves and taunts. The Kinect Star Wars video ends with a tease: “Feel the Force. You are the Controller”.

Kinect Star Wars Duel

Kinect Star Wars Credits

The Kinect Star Wars campaign was developed at AKQA by executive creative director Pierre Lipton, creative director Stephen Clements, senior copywriter Miranda Maney, art director Warren Frost, senior designer Vicente Montelongo, executive producer Nancy Cardillo, program manager Monica Stephen, management supervisor Julia Jahn and strategist Ashley D’Amour working with Microsoft Gaming digital marketing group manager Aaron Elliott, senior creative services manager Roger Evoy, senior product marketing manager Matt Shell.

Filming was shot by director/executive producer Paul J Morra via Swift River with co-director Sean Faden, executive producer Kevin Morra, producers Amber Howell and Mike Leahy, associate producer Scott Javine, director of photography Helge Gerull, editor Roger Marshall, assistant editor Martin Zaharinov, casting director Geralyn Flood, production coordinator Kyle Gilbertson, production coordinator and 2nd AC Thadd Williams, 2nd AD Katie Wiegers, 1st AC Scot Petitclerc, digital imaging technician Martin Zaharinov, set photographer Mark Fellman, script supervisor Edye Rice, sound supervisor Steve Corbiere.

Visual effects were produced at Method Studios by VFX Supervisor Toby Brockhurst, VFX producer Darcie Muangman, compositors Kelly Bumbarger, Aaron Neitz, Jodi Tyne, Chris Hunsberger, Pete Mayor, Jason Frank, Pierre LaQuerre and Andy Davies, rotoscopers Jay Robinson, Kenneth Liu and Huey Carroll, graphics artist Norris Houk, scene layout team Fabio Zapata and Tom Stanton.

Sound was designed at Skywalker Sound by sound editor Erik Foreman.