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World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki is running a remotely-controlled cafe, Cafe Kauko, in which users around the world can manipulate furniture, music and lighting using a mobile application at youdesign.fi. The project is designed to show people who are not naturally interested in design that design is anything that makes things work better, is all around us every day, and affects us all. All of the different elements of the campaign (PR, TV, print, outdoor and banners) directed people to the café while also communicating the chosen messages. “Kauko” is a Finnish nickname for kaukosäädin, the remote control.

Kauko Site

Click on the image below to play the Kauko case study video.

The Kauko cafe was launched on January 9, 2012. In the first three weeks of the campaign the youdesign.fi site had 51,959 unique visitors, with an average time spent on the site of 3,9 minutes. Kauko was mentioned on national TV News and has been the topic of conversation on many blogs and received a lot of attention in other media around the world as as well. The Kauko video about the remotely controlled café was the most watched video on the BBC website during week 5.

Kauko Site

Kauko Cafe

Kauko Cafe


The Kauko campaign was developed at Hasan & Partners by executive creative director Eka Ruola, account director Barbara Sorsa, producer Sivi Uitto, digital producer Tämer Mohsen, copywriter Mick Scheinin, art director Bruno Ribeiro, art assistant Minna Lairi.

The Kauka project was produced at Perfect Fools by executive creative director Tony Högqvist, executive technical director Björn Kummeneje, account lead Fredrik Heghammar, producer Carlos Naude, creative lead Magnus Ericsson, technical lead Björn Uppeke, art director Martin Samuelson, designer Viktor Watterback, programmer Paula Kreuger, film director Martin Hammarberg, photography editor Karl Nord, programmer Martin Torhage, co-producer Patrik Sundberg, and music producer Erik Wikholm.

Photography manipulation was by Perfect Fools, FLC415, Pekka Mustonen, Bruno Ribeiro and Heku.

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